Intimacy Secrets After Baby

Struggling to balance love, young kids, and a high-flying career? We get it!


Unlock the intimacy and soulful connection you crave.

That means:

• Feeling connected, loved, valued, desired, heard, seen, and understood.

• Resolving triggers and conflicts quickly and returning to connection, love, and juicy soul-fulfilling love making.

Even smart, conscious parents can find themselves at a love crossroads, especially when their little one hits that first-year mark. And guess what? It doesn't have to be this way.

Relationship dynamics can affect everything. They can drain you and drag your down, or lift you sky-high.

Let's Transform Your Love Life!

Let's get one thing straight — My priority is for parents to stay together. However, a 'successful' relationship isn't just about clinging together come what may. Sometimes, separating is the bravest move you can make. What matters most? Clarity. Growth. Empowerment. Sovereignty. And yes, some damn good, soul-shaking intimacy, emotional and physical.

Olivier Bessaignet

Relationship & Intimacy Coach

Olivier Bessaignet

New Book!

"3 Intimacy Secrets After Baby"

How to juggle co-parenting conflicts and a high-flying career with grace, without losing your love life.

From conscious talks to sizzling passionate nights.

...Even if you’re separated, or your partner is reluctant.

3 Intimacy Secrets After Baby

How to Level Up Your Intimacy

eBook on Boundaries

"3 Simple Steps to Set Healthy and Firm Boundaries Without Rejection."

How to Place Boundaries

Voyage vers l'Intimité Mentoring Program

Intimacy Mentoring Program

Voyage vers L'intimité means A Journey into Intimacy.

Double Your Intimacy, in the Next 90 Days or Less, Guaranteed!

Voyage vers l'Intimité is a sensual 3 month all-encompassing journey into the depth of intimacy.

One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Couple Coaching

If you’re looking for a personal or relationship breakthrough, a series of private sessions can make a definitive difference.

If you want to discuss your personal situation, please book a free 30 min call using the form below.

We will talk about your feelings, sexuality, conflicts or struggles with your relationships. 

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