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If you’re looking for a personal or relationship breakthrough, a series of private sessions can make a definitive difference.

When I was a child, my grandmother was one of my primary caregivers. She loved me immensely. I was the center of her world, and everything she did was for me. At the same time she was quite  judgmental and controlling. She wished for me to become a “fine young man”, which meant to her “not like your shit father and your slut mother.” She went on, “when are you going to cut your hair? You look like a girl!” On and on, she spoke  relentlessly for years. Homework was torture, she had to correct everything I wrote, nothing was ever good enough until she did it for me. I felt stupid. 

As a result, I developed a strange language of love. In relationships, I felt worshiped and criticized at the same time. I was so loved, but somehow, never good enough. I don’t know if I kept attracting the wrong partners, or if I was unconsciously pushing buttons to fit them into that specific character. I was creating my worst nightmare. Eventually, I would run away from each relationship ending in an excruciating breakup, just like I had done with my grandmother. I was stuck in a loop, recreating the same unconscious pattern over and over again. 

Through series of therapy and healing sessions, I finally managed to heal myself and break the pattern. Now, when the ghost of my grandmother shows up in my life once again, I use a powerful series of affirmations and boundaries to help repel the spell and not get hooked back in the same model. It has now dissipated from my life altogether. 

If you resonate in any way with this story and you’d like to be free from unconscious programming and behaviors that don’t serve you anymore, we are here to help.  

You may believe the problem is with the other: you may want to fix or change your partner. The truth is, the way to change your reality is by changing your thoughts, reprogramming your subconscious, and affirming clear boundaries. The world will have to adjust to your new-found power.

We use a series of healing and therapeutic tools, such as Internal Family Systems (IFS), visualisations and somatic bodywork to heal from trauma and bring balance to our world.

This is the purpose of RelationshipAlkemy: an alchemical journey to transform our wounds into superpowers and to reclaim the wounded or lost parts of our soul, so we may truly thrive in our connections, intimacy and relationships. 

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“I have been experiencing intense anxiety surrounding my personal safety in everyday settings. This anxiety often manifests in shyness or awkwardness and has been affecting my ability to create connections. Olivier took me through an IFS practice that left me with a deeper understanding of my mother wound. Interacting with my inner child from this core trauma memory felt safe and explorative with Olivier and Jordan. I left the session with a deeper understanding of my triggers. I now have powerful tools to work with them and not feel overwhelmed or overpowered by my anxiety anymore.”

Tashina Habibian

Tashina Habibian


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