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A Journey into Intimacy and Conscious Communication

We believe that we’re spirits coming to the Earth University for our soul growth. And that in this human spiritual curriculum, mastering relationships earns the most credits.


The 5 pillars to master relationships
How to let go of unconscious fears and patterns that kill intimacy
How to return to connection quickly
How to expand your limits for connection, intimacy, and pleasure!

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What Is RelationshipAlkemy?

We bring together a community of people who value connection over separation, who value empathy, compassion and understanding over judgments, defensiveness or being right.

We raise consciousness by bringing more open awareness to our own emotions, desires and shadows, and by being curious about the reality of the people we want to nurture connections with.

We teach tools that help express our emotions and our truth clearly and authentically, so we can be fully heard, seen and understood.

We practice 1) Tantra to connect spirituality and sexuality and free our emotional expression, 2) Nonviolent Communication to communicate authentically, and 3) Internal Family Systems to dissolve trauma.

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Relationship Workshop

Join us the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month for an in-person class. 7-9pm at The Studio, Moran location.

Each class we will introduce specific intentions and teaching points.

Then you’ll pair with other participants for fun exercises and practices.

We'll end with open questions.

See all details and directions here...

Private Sessions

If you’re looking for a personal or relationship breakthrough, a series of private sessions can make a definitive difference.

If you want to discuss your personal situation, please book a free 30 min call using the form below.

We will talk about your feelings, sexuality, conflicts or struggles with your relationships. 


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