What is Sacred Spot Massage? From Anorgasmic to Female Ejaculation…

What is Sacred Spot Massage and why do Tantrikas always talk about it?!

Join us as we discuss all things about Sacred Spot Massage, like why its so important and just exactly what it is.

Together we’ll get into the nitty gritty on how it can benefit all people in their sexual healing journey.

And Jordan tells the story of her transformational journey from inorgasmic to female ejaculation.

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Welcome back to our podcast. I’m Jordan Bessaignet, and together we make up RelationshipAlkemy, right?

I know I say this every podcast, but this is truly the juiciest thing we will ever talk about. What is sacred spot massage from inorgasmic to female ejaculation.

So sacred spot massage is the modality. We can talk about the technique, the modality, what to do, but from endocasmic to female ejaculation. Is the journey the results your story?


So we’re going to talk about both. We’re going to talk about what it is and the technique and the modality. And we’re going to talk about your journey through it. We have a special tree coming up, which is a retreat specifically practicing set of spot noises for couples so that people already know each other intimately. This is the one coming up in November, and we’ll give you other dates as we create more.

Yeah. So if you’ve ever been interested in Sacred Spot Massage and I love that we’re finally doing this podcast because I’ve gotten this retreat and this retreat because I’ve gotten so many questions of, like, okay, I love tantra, and I love everything that you guys have talked about so far. And as you guys know, we also host another tantra workshop. That’s an eight week long workshop. And we get people after that workshop that’s like, what’s the next thing? What’s the next thing? And so, friends, this is the next thing. The sacred salt massage. Couples retreat.

Truly next level.

Truly next level. So I was thinking we could start off by, like, first, what is sacred spot massage? And why do trantrika always talk about sacred spot massage?

Yeah, I just want to clarify one other thing about the retreat because I know everybody’s going to ask, which is if I don’t have a partner or if I’m not in a committed relationship, can I come? Well, if you’re a female and you’re comfortable with another female friends, but you need to sign up as a pair because we’re not there. That’s the difference between the other transfer workshop where we rotate and we change partner, which is more fun and engaging. This one. We won’t change partners. You need to sign up with a partner. We’re not here to pray.

You yes.

Is that clear?

Yes. I thought it was clear, but just to justify that a little bit more, yes, you need to come as a pair. And this means either couples, long term couples, short term couples, or as long as you are comfortable with somebody touching your genitals, whether it’s a friend. Or a friend.

Or a lover.

Or a lover, yes. Or a lover, then that’s what we mean by couples.


So you don’t necessarily need to be romantically linked, but as long as you come with someone to explore for the weekend, because we’re going to dive super deep into various modalities of exploration. Folks, back to the juicy stuff. So what is sacred spot massage.

Yeah. So there are multiple erroneous zones and the female genitals, the quizzeros, of course, the overall vaginal canal, you’d say? Yeah. So we have clearance orgasm, we have vaginal orgasm. But there’s a specific spot in there called the G spot. I’m not going to go into what’s the difference between a G spot and the second spot? Because that’s like cutting hair, but overall, that zone that a lot of people talk about. And for some people it’s, oh, yeah, no doubts. I know exactly what it is. I feel it, I know how it feels. And a lot of people are like, does it even exist? So what’s the myth? What’s your experience?

It’s so interesting because before we get into my experience, I definitely want to give another potential definition for sacred spot massage. And yeah, sacred spot massage is a profound sexual healing and awakening practice which releases trauma and numbness held in the body and over time can allow a woman to open up to ecstatic orgasmic pleasure and tap into an endless spontaneous flow of creative energy.

Yeah, so I was talking about the G spot, but then the sacred spot massage practice is exactly an oritual for that matter, is exactly what you described, we talked about before. I don’t know if people listening right now heard that time trial for me is like on three levels. There’s the physical level, which is rubbing skin. Right. So when describing the Gspot or sacred Spot, we can talk about where it is on the skin and what the skin feels like. But then there’s also the emotional level. And you mentioned a deep healing. Right. So when we approach this not in a medical way, but a holistic way, where emotions are involved, we can discover how much emotions are stored. There even trauma and healing. And then there’s the energetic layer level, which is how energy flows through our body. And that was the last of your statements. So that when it releases, when you say releases flow creative energy. Yes. And energy can flow and endless, endless, endless fountain.

I think before I talk about my experience, I had to share that definition. So that way when we get into my actual experience, it’ll make just a little bit more sense.

Yeah. So if we only talk about the physical skin level, it’s going to be a little medical and we can explore some territory there. But as long as trauma and emotions are not released, then the floor of energy, therefore the pleasurable sensations, are still blocked. Once we go through that and we open that gate, if the person is sick, still not breathing and not making sound, and not moving the hips, then the flow of energy won’t happen either. So this whole ritual is about those three level layers. Yeah.

So getting into my personal journey, which involves all three of those layers, of course, yeah.

It’s all coming together.

It all came together for sure. So, yeah, I started off as an in orgasmic woman, and I thought that was just the norm. I heard all these women, I was able to have clitoris orgasm. Clitoral orgasms. But they weren’t like anything amazing. It was definitely more of like a burnout orgasm where afterwards I couldn’t be touched at all because my nervous system just was, like, in a short circuit, which is more kind of a masculine yes. I don’t know if it’s necessarily masculine, but maybe, like the shadow masculine.

Right, okay.

Orgasm. Because it would be, like, very pointed, very up down, like, hetero, normative, like the man ejaculates and then falls over. Yeah, I guess it was like an orgasm like that. And so I felt that I was missing out. Everyone was. Not everyone, but it felt like everyone was talking about these amazing orgasms that they had. And I had heard women describe orgasms as, like, spiritual experience where they met God. And it’s like, okay, I’m not meeting God when I come, like, what is going on?

I’m sure even beyond hearing others, like, there’s a sensation of not full satisfaction.


There must be more.

Yeah, there is definitely that as well. Where I feel like there’s more to this. Like, this can’t be it. This can’t be, like, the big O. And so that’s actually when I dived into Tantra and started exploring what Tantra was, and it’s because of being in orgasmic, I was looking for a modality or a way out of the mainstream sexuality world of like, okay, man ejaculates. Maybe the woman also gets to experience an orgasm, and then that’s it. And coming across Tantra, I was introduced to this brand new spiritual world of sexuality. And for me, that was huge, because growing up super conservative, Catholic, god was not in the bedroom. Yeah, God was not in the bedroom. Unless you’re having sex for procreation, for biological purposes. And that was the only time it was okay to have sex. There was never any pleasure involved.

Pleasure sounds sinful.

Yeah, pleasure is sinful and shameful. And you’re going to hell. How could you enjoy that?

That’s the second layers we’re talking about. We can explore the skin as much as we want and even breathe and move energy in our pelvic floor as much as we want. If there’s an underlying belief that this is wrong, that really shuts down the pathway to access to pleasure. Shame sex.

So the last partner that I had, actually, before you, he was super into Tantra, and he would talk about sacred sauce massage. Like, oh, my gosh, one night, we’ll do a sacred spot massage ritual, like, one day. One day. And it never came.


Literally. That was my first time being introduced, so to cigarette spot massage. Okay. What does that mean? Started, like, looking it up. Started looking for teachers that talked about it. And ironically, I broke up with that guy. And you came into my life. And so we had discussed very early on, like, cigarette spot massage, and I had shared with you my trauma surrounding Muddy and my sensuality, and better yet, the shame that I had felt when pleasure came up, which was stopping me from accessing pleasure in the first place. So it was less about the physical for me and more about the emotional layer and what was hiding under the surface. And I remember we spent, like, five days together in the bedroom, barely sleeping, hardly leaving, like, just exploring each other’s physical bodies. And that’s when you started working on the bony margin massages with me. And let me tell you, folks, it was excruciating.

Yeah. The first approach was frustrating. And then going into the massage and trying to release those tensions was, like you said, excruciating. So Gallagher gets past that first bomb.

Yeah. So I don’t want to lie to you. It was not an easy process to female ejaculation. Like, my journey was not easy. It was full of pain and release. And also that’s what allowed the way to be cleared on a neural level, to be able to access these new neural pathways that I had never had access to before. And so we started off with the boney margins massage. And just for some clarification. How would you define that?

I guess oh, yeah. So most massages are muscular, so the therapist or the provider would mostly work on muscles. Right. Tensions in the muscles, in between bones. Right. But the moody margin massage is my collarbone.


So I would try to follow the bone all right. And how the tissue attaches to the bone, how the muscle, or the more soft and squishy tissue attaches to the bone. And so that works on the tissue, but it also works on the bone. So we think of the bone as something like inert or I just like the structure, but actually it’s alive.

Yeah. And you’d be surprised by how much can be stored in your bones. So we started off with that, and.

We can talk about it in detail, but especially around the pelvic area. The thing I’m doing right now on camera with the collarbone, right. You can see it, and I can find the tension on the tissues that are attached to the bone. Imagine you pelvic floor. If you want to try on yourself, like, the lower part of your abdomen and your belly. Sometimes we might put our hand on our tummy.

Your pubis.

Yeah. But who’s ever dug into their tummy on the knees and around the bones? Because there’s some extension there that it’s really a major source of blocking the energy from flowing.

So that’s where we were for the first five days. And it was painful. I cried so much. But, like, amazing relief, right?

The relief of expenses.

Yeah, the relief of, like, wow, I didn’t know that was there. Oh, shit. Has that been living inside of me? And so from there, we went into more of, like, the tissue massage of my vulva and, like, exploring that. And it’s really interesting because when you start this practice, you can actually feel the spaces of tension in not only the yoni, but in the lingam as well, and the male genitals. And it literally feels like a little grain of rice.


And some people have lots of grains of rice, some people only have a couple. And it’s really important to work on that and to start to work on dissolving them. And it’s not something that happens in the first time or even the second time. It’s like a third, 4th, 5th. This is a practice, right, folks? This is a ritual. This is something that you can come back to multiple times throughout your lifespan. Right. So Olivier still does this on me and vice versa, and it’s just, like, adds another layer of complexity and intimacy to our relationship. So it’s not like a one time thing. This is something that it’s a practice that you can practice throughout your whole lifespan.

The main approach is to go into sort of pleasure mapping. And instead of going straight to thrusting or making love, it’s an exploration of the temple. Right.

I love that. Tell me more.

So you can look at the door and the different textures and then peek inside, and then you can explore the anting chamber and see how that feels. If it’s different, there’s a level of depth, and there’s going around the clock as well. And each zone, it’s actually part of the town trick practice facilitation to go around the clock like a clock face. Right. So we start at noon, and then we go around 12345 06:00, and then around. And so it’s slow. It’s really about how does that feel? So pleasure mapping is okay. Don’t feel much. That’s nice. That’s stickilize. And so the dear releasing the tension is not necessarily systematic. It’s part of the expiration of that pleasure mapping. Really. And you found out that it’s a practice that you love offering too.

Yes. One of my newest offerings is unity.

Yeah. What is Unity armoring for you?

Yeah. I think you described it in an amazing way of you’re inside a woman’s yoni, inside of the vaginal canal, and you’re feeling out spaces of tension, and you can’t approach it from the clockwork perspective just to give you some framework. And then it’s also about listening to your intuition. Right, okay. From a science perspective, I guess energy is real, right? Energy is 100% real. We have this lovely, amazing little toy.

There it is.

And if you’re watching on screen, you can see that it’s a cylinder. And on each side there is some metal or something.

I don’t really know.

It’s like a ring of tinfoil, and inside there’s lights. And so the cool thing about this is if you hold one side and then you hold the other side, it’ll light up. Isn’t that so cool? And it’s because your body is a conductor of electricity. Your body is actively using electricity to function. I mean, that’s literally what your brain runs off of. And that’s what your nervous system, the dendrites, they fire up and the synapses, they push an electrical signal through the body. And then that’s how our body moves. That’s how we talk. That’s how our body functions. And so what’s really cool about this is you can do it with someone else. Because, folks, energy can pass from person to person.

So it would light up because she closed the circuit.

Yes. So I’m here. It’s going to light up because I’m closing the circuit.

So if I touch it, nothing happens because the circuit is not closed. But if we put some spark into it.

Then or we close the circuit. We could also hold hands.


As dramatic as kissing. So much fun with this. So that just goes to show you that, yes, energy is real. It’s a real thing. So I forgot where I was going with this, even.

It’s so crazy. They put 1000 kids around and the last kid closed the circuit and the thing lit up. All right, so electricity goes through our bodies. And so when we touch each other, if we have this consciousness, we can direct energy and electricity. And so we can bring a spark into our fingers when we touch, for example, inside the virgin canal and respark those areas that might have fell asleep because they were not wired in our consciousness, in our sexual wiring. Right.

Yeah. And so that’s the part about intuition, right?


Because we run off of energy. You can consciously tap into your own stream of energy and direct that when you feel like you can be inside the vaginal canal and you can feel intuitively where there might be blockages. And then it’s just about holding it. Allowing the person who’s receiving to feel safe, creating a safe environment.

Safety is key.

Safety is key, folks. And really holding space for whatever to come through. To come through. So that’s my latest offering. In a nutshell, folks, I love what.

You said by safety because sex is so wrapped up with expectations.

Yeah, right.

So what? The woman thinks she needs to respond to the expectations of the man. The man expectations. We all have preconceived ideas on how sex should go. Unfortunately, a large part now is driven by porn, which takes it more and more away from the sacredness and the slowness and the safety of this ritual. Okay, so that’s your offering. You call it de armouring.

Yeah, dear.

Because your knees are armored.

Don’t even get me started on that one. It could be a whole separate podcast.

We talked about the emotional level. If there’s any abuse, physical abuse or rape. That just goes right in there.

Yeah. And so once we started working on these things together, you stepped into holding space, and I was allowed to go into these really traumatic experiences or memories and shed them, and that allowed for my nervous system to start rewiring in a different way. Right. And I think that’s the key point, because all of a sudden, this one orgasm that I was used to experiencing, a very burnt out clitoral orgasm where only certain nerves were used, all of a sudden, my whole nervous system came alive. Right. And suddenly, every single spot, not only in my yoni, but also all over my body, became, like, fueled by the electricity. Right. And so more of my neural pathways became available, which meant more access to pleasure and less numbness.

Yeah. You know, they say that our feet oh, man, I’m blanking on the name, but reflexology, where they push points on the foot or on the feet, that touches everywhere in the body. Well, our genitals are very much wired in all our body as well. So therefore, what? You said that your whole body came alive because your uni was coming alive.

Yes. Which goes back to the definition of an endless source of creative energy. Right?

Yeah. One of our clients had a session with her a few days ago, and she said that she’s very much aware of how limited her energy is when she interacts with her partner. She’s like, Well, I really have to tell my partner because at some point, I can’t give any more. I was like, Why? It’s like, well, that’s my limits. Why do you have a limit? And it took a reframing of her core beliefs that she did not need to be limited. So that’s what exactly what you’re talking about. Once the fountain stops to flow, it’s like a torque.

Yeah. It fuels itself. And that brings us to the juiciest part of the conversation, which is the female ejaculation aspect. Right. And it’s so funny because I remember having a conversation with you and it’s like, his female ejaculation even real.


And he was like, it is absolutely 100% real. I’ve been with so many women. And if you’re a fan of our podcast, we also talked with Leah about female ejaculation. We’ll link that in our show notes in case you want to brush up on the four different types of orgasms that you can experience. And that’s when I got to learn the actual science behind female ejaculation, because some people are like, oh, my God, is it pee? Are you peeing on me? No, folks, it is not pee. I can attest to that. And so what your body is doing is your yoni, when it’s stimulated and it wants to feel even more, it wants more blood. Right. So this is actually a practice of alchemy, which is so cool. I’m so nervous, like, nerding out on this. I love it. And your body starts to separate the blood from other aspects that are in elements. Yes, other elements that are inside the blood, like water, potassium, like all of these minerals that are also in your blood, because the more blood that your yoni has, the more erogenous stones will be erected, and that’s more electricity that’s able to flow there.

And your body starts to alkaline and separate those things out of your blood. There’s a lot of practicing and practicing in the sense of you got the sacred spot massage ritual. You’re doing bony margins, you’re also rubbing out grains of rice. All of these various sexual practices that you can incorporate into your everyday life. With a lot of that, I was able to discard the numbness, feel more alive, more juicy in my own, and also unpacking a lot of beliefs I had about sex as well as the emotions, like, feeling very emotionally connected to my partner, very safe, because there is an element of letting go when releasing. And I had to get over a lot of fears of, like, am I going to pee on him?

How can you release if you’re 10th? That’s the opposite. So I love what you just said that it’s release. Like, it’s the optimal release for a woman. Right? It comes with letting go, which means it has to safety, must be solid, no expectations.

And what I love about female ejaculation is I think it’s like the purest essence of the feminine energy because there is surrender involved, but it’s not just laying their limbs. Yeah, you’re actively surrendering. Surrendering. You’re an active member in what’s going on between you and your partner, and you actively slip deeper and deeper into the surrender and the letting go. And it’s so funny because the other day we were having sex and just exploring and being juicy, and I was like, oh, my God, I feel like I have to poop. But it wasn’t me having to poop. It was just the feeling of being relaxed and not, like, tightening my butt hole, which is something I tend to do. And so once we incorporated all of these beautiful practices and made it a thing, what is it, like, two and a half years into our relationship? And then I was able to experience female ejaculation one time, it was a.

Little bit from is it even possible? To just a little bit with, like, a full breakthrough.

Oh, my gosh. And I remember being so excited and just, like, crying, like, tears of joy and ecstasy and feeling such a renewed sense of my body and embodiment and a reclamation of the divine feminine for myself and what that meant for me. And then it’s like, okay, I want more of that. Like, oh, my God. This is amazing. This is juicy, and started to dive more into the nuances of, like, okay, when my body feels like, what does my body feel like when I’m about to square it? What is going on there? Looking at we haven’t shown it. Yeah, we haven’t shown the map. So, folks, if you’re watching on screen, we have a drawing or a graphic here and it shows the urethral opening as well as the pubic bone, the bladder and the Gspot. And there’s a person who is doing a motion come here motion. And it’s funny because I actually learned this from you the other day, but it’s not necessarily the up that matters, but rather the down.

Yeah. So we’re going to go over all those details during the retreat because it’s about understanding, seeing and trying to but the come to me is more like an activation to awaken the Gspot and to find it, because each woman has their Gspot located in different areas. So it’s a process or a discovery to understand where the Gspot of your partner is. And it feels more like spongy spongier than the other areas that more smooth and as it gets activated and it gets more and more endorsed, now, sometimes touching it for the first time intentionally like that and creating a little bit of a spark on it first intentional directed spot on the Gspot can feel like weird.

Yeah, right? Definitely a weird feeling.

So it’s not a one time practice, right? It’s not going like it’s a discovery practice. This motion of more like horizontal is more to awaken it, that area. But then once it’s going and the whole body is going with it, then the motion is more like up and down. So now we’re really on the skin level, right? So up and down. And it’s not about tapping or it’s not about tapping on the G spots. It’s more about going back down and up. So it’s more of a tap than a tap ping. And I’m not trying to express in English.

And so with all of these practices, I started off screwing just a little bit and then more and more, and then all of a sudden it’s like, holy shit, we need to buy a square blanket because I’m tired of the bed sheets being wet and having to lay in the sheets afterwards and like, okay, let’s like, we need something for this. And I was so amazed by how much my body was producing. And that’s what they call the female ejaculation substance is Amrita. And I forgot the exact Sanskrit translation.

But it’s basically Lecture of God.

Yeah, it’s like basically like your holy essence.

The nectar of the goddess.

The nectar of the goddess. Which like, okay, I love that.

A little while back, you’re saying I’m scoring so much. I was like, yeah, baby, you’re just.

Halfway you’re just getting into it. What do you mean? Like, I’m literally spreading puddles. And.

Just a few nights ago, you actually got us on our face.

Yeah, that was the first time. Yes. I was like, you’re welcome.

Some badass protection.

Yeah, you’re welcome. You’ve been officially bought by me. So, folks, it’s really fun. You can try to squirt on your partner’s face.

We were lying together. It was by our face.

Yeah, it was by my face. And it was literally an endless water fountain of creative. Yeah, it goes and it goes and it goes, and it could keep going. And I think that’s just absolutely fascinating. And I love the physicality of our human bodies and beginning to map out our partners and what do our partners like, and where the little nicks and cricks that we can explore together? I just love that. And so I’m so excited to offer this upcoming retreat because this is literally, like, my favorite thing to talk about anything about sexuality or sensuality folks. It’s like I’m 100% there. And so, yeah, that’s my personal journey with.

This is where it all comes together with good communication, like we said, releasing trauma and clearing Shadow and stuff like that. So, yeah, it’s when it all comes together. Yeah, it’s such a beautiful, deep practice.

Yeah. Deep, intimate practice. And it’s so funny because we’re not in the honeymoon phase anymore. We also have a child. We’re not having sex multiple times a day, and we’re in this beautiful phase of intimacy now where I squirt on your face and we host retreats together. All of this was paired with I was also doing therapy at the time. It wasn’t just I was doing a lot of self healing, a lot of major, like, rewiring of mindsets that I had new beliefs, reframing beliefs, as well as the physical practices, as well as going through our everyday life together.

Yeah. Imagine, really, the mundane part of life.

Of changing diapers, paying rent, and all of these things that come along with being human. And so that’s what I love about sexuality. It’s the fun part of being human.

For me, when people say, I want to have it all. That’s the very definition of everything that we just mentioned. Having the mundane, having the family, and having this integrated sexuality where it reaches spiritual and deep cosmic union. And, yeah, we get to, this is really what union should be. And so just living it is dream. Yeah. And now offering it very important that we give back. And yeah, we want everybody on that paradigm.

Yeah, we want everyone to be on that paradigm, and we also want to give the tools to get there. And so that’s why we do the communication course. That’s why we do the tantra workshops. We have all of these elements, the Shadow work, all of these elements that we bring to relationship alchemy that we want to see in the world.

So if you want to join us on our retreats, that would be wonderful. Just to give you a little background of my background, I was first introduced to this practice in 2001 when I went through the sky and Sink tantra training. And they would not do really psychosport massage in terms of female ejaculation and stuff like that. It was refocused on the de. Armouring. And so the woman would go and then it would be the man. And so when I went, I can give you a bit of the male perspective because we’re going to touch on that. We’re going to do that also during the workshop, because we’re going to alternate. So in townshoa, the main Gspot is the pro states, right? So it would be like accessing it through the innis. We’re not going to do that.

But not this weekend, folks.

Not this weekend. When I went through the training, I didn’t do that. Accessing the G spot, the prospect from the anal canal, but all the dearmoring, like, around the pelvic floor and the grain, like you were describing, the rice grain and all that was extremely powerful. I was not super grounded at the time and it was like reclaiming it was a yes at being in my body and accepting being a man, because my trauma, or for men, sometimes when we see a man, but when I saw what men can do, that is destructive. Part of me didn’t really want to be a man. So 2001 was like, reentering to my body and claiming my power, reclaiming my power by dissolving the trauma. I was stuck in my pelvic floor, around my pelvis, because if the guys are like, well, okay, I’m going to do that for you, baby, well, you’re going to do that for yourself.

Guess what, folks? It’s a two way street.

Yeah. And then I got introduced to the next level of, like, fee managed accreditation. All that was in 2012 when I met so when I came to California and I started dating this Dakini from this prison, and she retouched me the technique because that’s what she wanted for herself. She was like, Come on, make me score. She went through the training and everything, so she was like, Come on, she showed me exactly what she likes. And then fast forward, I did a few women who had that as well. And in 2019, I went through Charles meal training just before meeting you.

Just before meeting me. That was so fresh, coincidental. I don’t know.

You want to be my guinea pig? No.

It was the sacred spot massage and the crepes.

So then I went through the formal training from Charles Mir about specifically squirting his so it doesn’t mean we can’t do all that in three days or two and a half days. So it’s too paint for you, the larger picture, a bird eye view. What’s possible, do not expect for yourself. Wherever you are at, you’re going to get a breakthrough and expansion. So if you already feel pleasure, you’re going to get more of that. And if you don’t feel much, you’re going to feel pleasure, right? So it’s not one size for all, right? Wherever you’re at, you’re going to get a breakthrough. And don’t expect to go from one to 100 in two and a half days.

Two and a half years.

Right. Which makes sense. We’re in this society, instant gratification. I should have it already or right now or in the next hour, just push a button and should be right at your door next 24 hours. Because the practice okay. The skin needs to get comfortable with the new sensations. And there’s an evolution from the physical layer and then the emotional layer is that you can’t switch to I was convinced it was not possible. It didn’t even exist in my world to, wow, I should have all that. And so it’s not possible to just have a switch like that. So also the psyche and the emotional level layer needs to adjust progressively to this new reality. Our son learned to work pretty fast, but it still took a few months. And that’s how we should do everything. And it’s the same with that practice. It actually goes pretty fast considering, but it’s not a switch. So it takes a lot of time and commitment practice and committing to doing it.

Yeah, I love that. And I recently was told by someone, like, when you are frustrated with yourself, treat yourself like how you treat your son. And so when Cedar would fall, I wouldn’t yell at him or be frustrated with him, but rather I was encouraging and like, yeah, you can do it. And like, let’s try it again. And so we really want to bring that attitude to everything that we do as well as this retreat. So there you have it, folks.

Just to recap quickly what we’re going to do during the retreat or the steps. First we need to activate brave sound of movement. Because if we’re not moving, breathing or expressing how we feel, then there won’t be any access to any of that. So that’s part of everything that we do in contract and movements. Corregulation is really important, which means we don’t start like doctors. Well, let me show me where you’re like, we can regulate. So our whole energetic system starts to regulate together. Right? So very important. I’m sorry, I’m going a little fast. Then we can do the bony margins, which is trying to explore like to release the tissue. Then healing unit or Pelvic dear, pelvic more for the man. Unit for the woman and Pelvic dear for the man. That could be created with the pleasure mapping. So that’s what we talked about then. That’s a whole practice in itself and that could be just that.

Yeah, but we’re not going to end there. We’re going to go into activation of the Gspot. What does that look like? How do you do it? Giving some tips on that and how.

To manage when other emotions come up.

Such as frustration, anger, sadness, grief, and how to hold space for your partner as they release and go through that. And then we’re going to be talking about we’ll see what happens. The multi orgasmic response, right?

Probably the workshop is going to stop at activation of Gspot. And then by doing the practice, then you can start developing those last two.

Points and we’ll just start talking about them and what you can expect and what it might look like for you. And then female ejaculation is the final step on that. And what does it look like? Where can you get a good square blanket? All right, folks. Well, this has been such a lovely, lovely.

Yeah, I love the comments. I don’t know who’s.

They said hi, I love your chemistry. Will you show or demonstrate or explain some ways to perform the secret spot massage and ways to connect or increase intimacy? And to that I’m going to respond. Come to our restrictions.

It’s the whole subject.

Yeah, the whole subject. We’re going to be nestled away in a beautiful property right on the river with amazing organic, yummy food.


Yeah. And if you’re watching this, you can see on the screen oh, wait, I.

Wanted to show the beach.

Yeah, all the way at the bottom.

Oh, yeah, there you go. That’s the river in California.

Yeah, we’re right on the river, folks, and we’re going to have a massage therapist there, as well as an amazing chef who will be preparing us yummy, organic food. So if any of this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please do not hesitate to reach out. We’ll be linking the link for the retreat so you can check it out yourself. And as always, if you know anyone who could benefit from this, please share it with them. And please, if you love what we’re talking about, leave us a review. Give us a five star rating.

Perfect. Yeah, so, yeah, we’re going to give you the link. You can either check out the content and like the page and register by yourself, or if you want to give us a call, send us an email or give us a call. We are happy to talk to you if you have any questions.

All right, folks, be kind, be well, and we’ll see you next time. Bye.


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