Don't wait to SAVE your relationship, STRENGTHEN it now.

best coach to teach communication after having kids marriage

Nurture Your Relationship

Want Soul-Fulfilling Intimacy?

I hear too many stories of parents separating when their first kid is between 1 and 3 years old, or the relationship continues for years on end without intimacy creating an even bigger issue.

YES! balancing young kids, a high-flying career, and relationship challenges can feel overwhelming. If you want to strengthen your relationship now instead of having to save it later, our audiobook “3 Intimacy Secrets After Baby” will show you exactly how.


Is it for You?

Married with kids and notice a disconnect in your relationship?

Feeling stuck in your relationship?

Have unresolved resentments?

Want to learn how to resolve triggers and conflicts quickly?

Want to return to connection, love, and juicy soul-fulfilling love making?

Want to strengthen your marriage amidst busy life with kids and work?

Want to feel connected, loved, valued, desired, heard, seen, and understood?

Want to proactively strengthen your marriage so you don’t have to save your marriage later?

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About Me

Hi dear! My name is Mary and I am experienced therapist. I am sure you know someone in your life that always seems to attract high-value friendships, opportunities, and romantic relationships simply by doing nothing but be herself? I am here to help you to become that woman, who invites magic into her life.

best coach to teach communication after having kids marriage

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