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What to Expect During Our Weekly Coaching Sessions

Turning a Trigger or a Power Struggle into Empathy and Connection

"How Do I Stop the Power Struggle With My Controlling Mother?"

Let's be practical...

What If You Could Resolve Arguments Quickly? Manage Your Emotions Smoothly? And Feel Intimately Connected to Your Partner, Sustainably?

I've been on a 20-year journey to figure out relationships.

From Nice, South of France (my home town) to Paris for 12 years, California for 8 years and now Reno, Nevada where I met my wife and the mother of my son.

I've been searching for a feeling... 

Every few years, I would fall in love and dive deep in a relationship. At first I would get the feeling I wanted, feeling deeply connected and sweet devotion. 

But it wouldn't last. Soon enough we would start to fight and I would feel criticized, resentful, and defeated.

Love would loose, and I'd move on.

I attended countless classes and workshops to try and get better at communication, Tantra, trauma healing, spirituality, etc.

And after 2 and half years of weekly Therapy and the birth of my son, it finally clicked...

See, we live in a paradigm that doesn't support intimacy. In our modern world, we've lost the natural wisdom of our ancestral roots.

What we desire the most is to feel connected, loved and accepted for who we are. But instead we fight, we blame and shame each other, and we unconsciously nurture power struggles.

Why is it so?

After decades of research, I've finally discovered and refined a holistic 3-step process that resolves every problems in intimate relationships.

After healing myself, I tried this process to other people. And it worked!

More than a technique, it's a profound paradigm shift.

A 3-Step Process to Access Your Untapped Potential for Intimacy and Live the Relationship of Your Dreams.

Step 1 - Unlearn toxic communication patterns. 

TV drama, school, and dysfunctional relatives, and of course porn are far from being the best role-models when it comes to intimacy. 

The first step is to turn old habits of blame, shame, defensiveness, and criticism into OWNERSHIP. 

Ownership leads to self-reflection, empowerment, accountability, empathy and gratitude. 

You’re 1 sentence away from coming back to connection from any triggering situation!

Step 2 - Healing your childhood wounds.

The very nature of intimacy is to bring up what has been pushed under the carpet for far too long. Unresolved trauma, childhood wounds, and attachment injuries can break any relationship, no matter how much love is present.

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take years to have efficient therapy. With our method, a few sessions can change you forever.

Step 3 - Open new neuro pathways for Sacred Sexuality.

We believe that spirituality and pleasure are not opposed, on the contrary. We’re all about spicy sexy talks and intimate relating.

Lovers can reach the highest levels of intimacy and spiritual awareness when they open their neural pathways and unlock their untapped potential for intimacy. Lovemaking then feels like a mind-blowing cosmic fusion. Even if they’re not feeling much sensations at first.

For us, our relationship comes first, because it connects us to our purpose, the meaning of our lives, and our life force energy. 

Contrary to popular belief, Healthy Intimacy is a learnable skill!

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But how do you implement these 3 steps into reality and live your dream relationship ASAP?

We’ve created a transformational journey for truth seekers committed to root out codependency and self-sabotaging patterns from their relationship.

This Mentoring Program is based on 2 key components:

  1. Practical formulas and exercises to integrate this paradigm shift.

  2. Weekly practices with a coach to apply those formulas to your personal situations in your everyday life.

If you’d like to put our method to the test, click here to book a 1:1 action call with us today & let's find out if our process is a good match for you...

Talk soon,

- Olivier Bessaignet

What You'll Get

12 Week Coaching Program 

This 90 day mentoring program will change your life forever. Learn and integrate a new paradigm that can not only save your relationship, but help you thrive.

This process will make you feel confident that you can address any issue in any relationship.

Core Curriculum

Discover little-known information on how to successfully navigate intimate relationships.

Each lesson comes with practical cheat sheets, exercises and communication formulas you can easily implement in your everyday life.

Phase 1: Your Fast Track to Results

No need to wait for weeks to get to the juicy stuff, we give you the best golden nuggets right away. If you like immediate gratification, this first phase is for you.

Phase 2: Conscious Communication (Emotional Intimacy)

Mastering Conscious Communication is like having a superpower for dissolving power struggles, placing healthy boundaries and cultivating deeper intimacy.

School, TV drama, and dysfunctional relatives are NOT the best role-models for an intimate relationship where you can be fully yourself and be loved and appreciated for it.

Phase 3: Self Awareness

A set of profiling modalities to know yourself and your partner better. You'll be surprised how eye-opening those practices can be. 

Phase 4: Empowerment (Inner child healing work)

Do you have a self-saboteur lurking in the dark, that can destroy so quickly what you’ve spent months and years building? What are your worst fears? What are your demons, your dark thoughts, your self-sabotaging patterns, your shadow?

Step into your Hero's Journey, confront your shadow and reclaim your power.

Phase 5: Sacred Sexuality

How to feel deeply connected with your partner when making love, and access cosmic states of consciousness.

. Tantric practices to rewire your neural pathways and 10x your capacity for pleasure and orgasm.

. Active meditations for daily activation of your life force energy.

. Slow Sex: practice to last much longer.

. Sacred Spot Massage: from anorgasmic to female ejaculation.

Limited-Time Bonuses

Weekly Relationship Coaching Calls

Throughout the core curriculum, you'll be introduced to specific homework and practices.

But information is not enough, you need to practice. The weekly coaching calls are where you get to practice with your coach and apply this new knowledge into your everyday life.

4x 1-on-1 Trauma Healing Sessions

By nature, intimate relationships bring all our stuff to the surface, including any unresolved trauma. Until each partner heal their trauma, they're doomed to project their fears and negative beliefs unto each other.

During your trauma healing sessions, you will receive:

A personalized map of your psyche
Custom clearing meditations for daily integration
Accountability partner to keep you on track

Clients-Only Facebook™ Group

Get access to a like-minded community to feel supported and validated.

Get personalized advice: tell us what you’re going to say or how you intend to handle a specific situation and we’ll help you refine your communication so that you get the result you want.

Risk-Free Guarantee

Just put our method to the test, there is zero risk on your part.

1. You get an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. Plus a 90-day guarantee that you’ll get half the triggers and double the intimacy in 90 days or less, or we’ll continue coaching you for free until you do.

What Do Our Clients Have To Say?

Is This Program for You?

Your values:

Do you prioritize quality? Quality of life, quality of food, quality of relationships, and quality of information?
Is it important for you to be aligned with your purpose and find meaning in life?
Do you relate to the idea that intimate relationships can be a powerful path to soul growth and spirituality?
Do you consider yourself open-minded and open-hearted?
Do you prioritize experiencing special moments over hoarding material possessions?
Do you value understanding each other over being right?
Do you value ownership (taking responsibility) over blame and shame?
Do you value healthy boundaries over codependency?

Your desires:

Do you desire experiencing deeper intimacy?
Do you want more cuddles, play, connecting sexual intimacy, and warm feelings?
Do you want to fall in love deeper and deeper as the relationship deepens?
Do you want to be seen and understood for who you are, during your glorious moments as well as your moments of doubt?
Do you want your relationship to give you purpose and more creative energy, instead of draining you with drama?

If you replied “yes” to any of these questions, this Mentoring Program has been designed specifically for you.

Intimacy is feeling reassured that we are loved and accepted for who we are.

Meet Your Mentor: Olivier Bessaignet

Olivier & Jordan

Olivier & Jordan Bessaignet

You can have it all!

We do. 

Let’s be honest, my wife and I have moments of struggles. We fight, we argue, and we trigger each other. But in previous relationships, conflict would lead to disconnection, loss of love, and ultimately breaking up. Now we’ve found a way to lean into each other. When we disagree, it’s an opportunity to learn about each other and to better understand each other. We feel more connected and closer to one another.

We’ve been through tough times. When our son was born, he spent 6 weeks in the hospital between life and death. He endured 4 surgeries in his first year. That challenge tested our strength and our bond.

Like every couple, we disagree and we trigger each other. But each time we find ourselves more connected and more in love with each other. We’ve created multiple businesses together and we’re building the life of our dreams. We grow together and our relationship gives us strength and purpose.


Sky Dancing Tantra, Level 1, 2 and 3
Non-Violent Communication with Scott Catamas and Katrina Vaillancourt (2 years living in close community).
Tantra with teacher Bhagvati Granier (Paris, France), for 12 years
Internal Family Systems therapy modality with founder Richard Schwartz
Advanced Integrative Therapy with founder Asha Clinton (2 years of weekly therapy)
Source Tantra CTE-1 with Charles Muir
Intimacy & Embodiment with Michaela Boehm
Tantra with Evalena Rose
ManKind Project since 2017


Q: What is the price for this program?

A: The call for you to discover how we can help is free. Our pricing is tailored depending on what you need help with.

Q: What if the program doesn’t meet my needs?

A: No problem. We have a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for this course. If you are at all unhappy, just shoot us an email and we will be happy to assist you.

Q: How long will I have access to this course?

A: There is no time limit for accessing the recorded videos. You can revisit this course long after the 12-week intensive is over.

Q: How much time do I need to spend each week?

A: You’ll need to set aside 1 hour for watching the videos, 30 minutes to do the exercises, and 2 hours for participating in the live calls.

Q: What if I have a question or I need support?

A: We are here to help. If you have any questions about the content, write a comment under the related video, in the Facebook group, or ask directly during a live calls. If you have any access or billing issues, simply contact us at and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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