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How to Dissolve Power Struggles in Intimate Relationships

Dissolving Power Struggles

Live Class on Thursday, April 14,
6-8pm Pacific Time

Can’t make it that day? No worries. You’ll get access to the recording. And if you send us your question or your specific situation in advance, we’ll record a video answer specifically for you.

Power Struggles may be entertaining and addictive on TV drama… but they’re excruciatingly painful in real-life intimate relationships. 

Back in 2013, my therapist said, “Love is not enough. You’ve got to address issues about power, sex, and money, otherwise, they will destroy your relationships.” She was right!

Your partner, friend, or family member might say that they see you as their equal, but in tense situations, how do they treat you? Do they try to force their way on you? Power struggles can also start in very subtle ways. 

Do you tend to give your power away, or do you tend to unconsciously try to overpower others? 

If you want to nurture a thriving relationship that provides safety and deep connection, then recognizing and dissolving negative thoughts and power struggles is paramount.

It’s time you get the Best Relationships you've ever had!

Live Class Facilitated by Jordan & Olivier Bessaignet

"The reason why we're so passionate about bringing these teachings forward is because we want our son to grow up in an emotionally healthy environment where it’s safe to feel and express his emotions fully and resolve conflicts peacefully.

"We value collaboration instead of competition, ownership instead of blaming others, compassion and understanding instead of judgments, defensiveness, or being right."

The facilitators have 20 years of experience and training in Tantra, Conscious Communication, Internal Family Systems Therapy, and Advanced Integrative Therapy. Olivier has also been part of the Mankind Project since 2017, where he perfected his transformational facilitation skills.

Their mission is to create a world of connection and understanding by freeing people from their trauma and teaching Conscious Communication skills.

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