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Conscious Communication Mastery

The #1 Secret to a Thriving Relationship:

How to Dissolve Power Struggles, Set Healthy Boundaries, and Stop Arguing and Triggering Each Other!

Relationships can feel so blissful when there’s no tension. Unfortunately, after the fairy dust of the honeymoon phase wears off, the inevitable differences arise and we poke at each other’s trauma, and we get triggered.

If you want to feel heard and understood, and if you want to resolve conflict peacefully, you need to upgrade your communication skills...

It’s time you get the best relationships you've ever had:

Even if your partner is reluctant, shut down or doesn’t want to do it with you. 
Even if you’ve tried different methods or you’ve been trying on your own and nothing has worked so far. 
Even if you’re afraid of rejection or more confrontation. 

You're just 1 sentence away from coming back to connection and a Thriving Relationship!

During this free class you will learn:

How to prevent discussions from spiraling out of control.
How to stop arguing and come back to connection quickly.
How to fully express intense feelings without hurting others, and be understood and validated. 
How to overcome fears of rejection, abandonment, and codependency.
How to place healthy and firm boundaries, without rejecting the other or feeling rejected for placing a boundary.
How to dissolve power struggles.
How to get access to our private program: “6 Weeks to Conscious Communication Mastery” at a 60% discount.

When you register, get immediate access to a bonus video:

The #1 Reason Why Most Relationships Fail

After the delicious cocktail of feel-good hormones of the "honeymoon phase” wears off, we realize that we don’t like everything about this other person...

Focus on this one thing to prevent another breakup!

Video Bonus
Olivier & Jordan

Live Class Presented by Jordan & Olivier Bessaignet

"The reason why we're so passionate about bringing these teachings forward is that we want our son to grow up in an emotionally healthy environment where it’s safe to feel and express his emotions fully and resolve conflicts peacefully.

We value collaboration over of competition, ownership over of blaming others, and compassion and understanding over of judgments, defensiveness or being right."

Olivier has 20 years of experience and training in Tantra, Conscious Communication, Internal Family Systems Therapy, and Advanced Integrative Therapy. He’s also part of the Mankind Project where he perfected his transformational facilitation skills.

His mission is to create a world of connection and understanding by freeing people from their trauma and teaching Conscious Communication skills.

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