Relationship Intimacy & Conscious Communication Workshop in Reno

How to overcome self-sabotaging patterns and communicate your truth clearly.

Date: Wednesday, September 29th
Time: 6pm - 8pm
Venue: The Virgil, 301 Vassar St, Reno NV-89502

What You Will Learn

What is intimacy?
How to get conscious of your self-sabotaging patterns and get out of the programming of your upbringing.
How to clearly communicate using the framework of Nonviolent Communication
How to nurture intimacy beyond the honeymoon phase.
How to fully be heard, seen and understood.



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What To Expect

Relationships can bring so much satisfaction that we feel like we’re in heaven, or so much frustration that we feel like we’re in hell!

Our relationships, good and bad, are one of the most potent forms of soul growth. We believe that we can reclaim our power within relationships by acknowledging that our relationship with ourselves is the foundation for every relationship we have.

Our workshops are an invitation for self reflection and inner transformation, to help you embody your truth and cultivate the relationships you desire. You’ll learn and practice tools that bring clarity and empowerment.

First, we'll have a structured presentation so you get clarity about the process.
You'll receive handouts for practical tools that you can apply right away. 
You'll pair with other participants for fun exercises and practices. 
We'll end with open questions
Hungry? Dinner is at 8pm at the Crepe Truck parked outside (crepe fee not included with this ticket).

With Olivier & Jordan Bessaignet

Jordan & Olivier

Who This Is For

You are single and looking for a stable partnership or companionship.
You are in a committed relationship and interested in strengthening that connection.
You are a parent interested in communicating more effectively with your child(ren).
You value self awareness and self reflection.
You aspire to get out of the right/wrong, winner/loser, blame/shame game. 

Can’t say enough good things about this couple. If you want to enhance your communication skills and be more vulnerable with yourself and others, I highly suggest this program.

Marla Paulina

Marla Paulina

I attended the introduction evening and was delighted by what Olivier and Jordan have to offer. There was a huge focus on consent and communication which allowed me to be comfortable to fully explore the practices that were offered. Olivier and Jordan are skilled facilitators balancing a playful yet deep opportunity for exploration.

Ty Traynor

Ty Traynor


The Venue

The Virgil, 301 Vassar St, Reno NV-89502

The Virgil

Hungry? Grab a savory or sweet crêpe at 8pm!

(not included with admission ticket)

Crepe Truck
La Décadente

About the Facilitators

Sky Dancing Tantra, Level 1, 2 and 3  with Margo Anand & Surabhi Fisher (2001)
Nonviolent Communication with Scott Catamas & Katrina Vaillancourt (2 years).
Tantra with Bhagvati Granier (Paris, France), for 12 years
Internal Family Systems therapy modality with founder Richard Schwartz
Advanced Integrative Therapy with founder Asha Clinton (2 years of weekly therapy)
Source Tantra CTE-1 with Charles Muir
Intimacy&Embodiment with Michaela Boehm
Tantra with Evalena Rose
ManKind Project since 2017
Olivier & Jordan

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