Voyage vers l’Intimité, an Intimacy Mastery Mentoring Program.

in the Next 90 Days or Less, Guaranteed!
(or we’ll continue working with you for free until you do)

That means:

  1. Resolving triggers & conflicts in half the time (my wife and I never stay disconnected more than 2 hours in our marriage)
  2. Reducing defensiveness and resistance by half
  3. Doubling the duration & the intensity of juicy connected sex
  4. Enjoying twice more romance & passion
    EVEN IF… you don’t have a committed partner yet, or they’re reluctant or shut down.

What is Voyage vers l’Intimité?
Voyage vers l’Intimité is a 3-month immersive coaching program designed for women with young kids who seek to uplevel their intimate relationships.

Here are some features and benefits of our online mentoring program, which you can use to address any inquiries: