"Don't wait to SAVE your relationship, STRENGTHEN it now."


"3 Intimacy Secrets After Baby"

I hear too many stories of parents separating when their first kid is between 1 and 3 years old, or the relationship continues for years on end without intimacy creating an even bigger issue.

YES! balancing young kids, a high-flying career, and relationship challenges can feel overwhelming. 

If you want to strengthen your relationship now instead of having to save it later, our audiobook “3 Intimacy Secrets After Baby” will show you exactly how...

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Is it for You?

Married with kids and notice a disconnect in your relationship?
Feeling stuck in your relationship?
Have unresolved resentments?
Want to learn how to resolve triggers and conflicts quickly?
Want to return to connection, love, and juicy soul-fulfilling love making?
Want to strengthen your marriage amidst busy life with kids and work?
Want to feel connected, loved, valued, desired, heard, seen, and understood?
Want to proactively strengthen your marriage so you don’t have to save your marriage later?
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Intimacy & Communication Coach

Let’s get one thing straight — My priority is for parents to stay together. However, a ‘successful’ relationship isn’t just about clinging together come what may. Sometimes, separating is the bravest move you can make. 

What matters most? Clarity. Growth. Empowerment. Sovereignty. 

And yes, some damn good, soul-shaking intimacy, emotional and physical.

'3 Intimacy Secrets' Book Cover


3 Intimacy Secrets After Baby

Clients Testimonials

Melody C.

My intentions and goals were not only met, they were exceeded. I feel sooooooo much more clear on how it looks for me to hold my 2 year old son's well-being as a top priority in this co-parenting dynamic with my ex.
- Melody C.


Conscious Communication Mastery Class

'The #1 Secret to Soul-Fulfilling Intimacy'

How to cultivate Emotional Intimacy, be seen, heard, understood, and validated, set healthy boundaries, and stop arguing and triggering each other

...Even if you’re separated, or your partner is reluctant.

Course on Boundaries: 3-Step Formula


Boundaries: 3-Step Formula

3 Simple Steps to Set Healthy and Firm Boundaries Without Rejection

I use a very efficient 3-step formula to place healthy and firm boundaries without provoking defensiveness or being rejected for standing up for myself. 

And I’ve recorded a series of 12 videos to explain the complete process, so you can do it too.

Boundary setting is a learnable skill, and this is exactly what you’ll get when you register to this course:

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